care & maintenance

Outdoor Furniture

Frames – Wash with warm soapy water, rinse well and wipe down with a soft cloth. DO NOT use commercial cleaning products or high-pressure cleaners. It is recommended to rinse furniture after use in swimming pool areas.


Cushions – Clean all fabrics by first brushing off loose dirt and dust followed by hand sponging with a mild solution of natural soap and warm water. DO NOT machine wash, spin or tumble dry, dry clean or bleach. Store in a dry, cool place, when not in use. It is not recommended to remove covers from cushions.


Mechanical components – Refer to “Before Use and Care” instructions included, if applicable.
Positioning your furniture under shade will help maximise the life of the product.

Teak components – Unless teak oil is regularly used, teak will naturally weather to a silver-grey colour.

Care & Safety Instructions

Do not sit, stand or play on tables.
Avoid scratching surfaces of glass tables
Do not strike or place heavy weights on tables
Do not drag tables at any time
Do not place hot items directly onto glass.
Tempered glass is used on our glass tables, and whilst stronger and safer than normal glass, it is NOT unbreakable. Careless handling can produce damages, which may not be immediately visible, but can cause glass to shatter if later subjected to thermal or mechanical stress.
Polywood – extra care should be take in times of extreme heat, surface can become softer and subject to marking more easily.
Do not leave glass items (such as ashtrays, etc) on flat surfaces when in sunlight.
In areas of high content of salt air, pollution and moisture more frequent cleaning is required.